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Traditional Events and Festivals

Throughout the year, Santa Bárbara presents its residents and visitors with various traditional parties and events. These activities make the city, which is the birthplace of former President Affonso Penna, a charming, welcoming place with many attractions throughout the year. Check out some of the festivities that take place in Santa Bárbara:

New Years Eve

Santa Barbara's New Year's Eve is, besides a beautiful popular festival, the stamp of an invitation that the city offers to those who want to know it in all its most important aspects, be they tourist, cultural, ecological or adventure. A stage set in Pius XII square in the center of the city, a band of axé music and so many rhythms, is a passport to joy. Many fires and cheerful and beautiful people still serve as a backdrop for an unparalleled celebration celebrated in the public square.


The city's biggest popular event is the Pio XII square in the heart of the city. The best bands from Minas Gerais animate momo's revelry with the old carnival marches and other rhythms. The traditional bonecões are being rescued by the House of Culture. For years, they have dragged a crowd of revelers through the main streets of the city.
In Santa Bárbara, carnival is synonymous with joy, revelry and relaxation.

Holy Week

For those who intend to live with emotion the life, passion and death of Jesus Christ, Santa Barbara is the ideal scenario. Its pious people, its centennial streets and hills, eighteenth-century churches and a magnificent baroque house, give the city ares of a Jerusalem hiding among the mountains of Minas Gerais. The great moment of the week is when the Anchor Company Theater Company revives the Steps of Agony, transforming Emília Mendes da Fonseca Gym into a space and Art and Faith.

Workers Party

In Santa Bárbara, the worker starts his day with a lot of party. The stage of the homage is the Municipal Stadium Raimundo Edson da Costa, where a disputed sports tournament is held, bringing together teams of companies located in the municipality. Throughout the day, the public participates in the fraternization accompanied by band, rockets, football, prize draw, special tribute to the worker, ending with a great show.

Feast of the Patron Saint Anthony (June 13)

The celebrations of the patron saint of Santo Antônio are always very lively and it is one of the most traditional events in the city. For a few days, there are trezena, masses, processions and the traditional stalls. The programming is vast. In the gastronomy, the public has the opportunity to taste typical foods and drinks - canjica, quentão, broths, drip of the garden and cocada are some of the gastronomic delights available in the stalls. Cultural programming is very rich. Every day there are concerts with artists from the land and presentations of students from the schools of Santa Barbara. Because the 13th is a municipal holiday, the date is for the fraternization of all the Santa-Barbarians, including those who live outside and take the opportunity to see relatives and friends.

Brumal's Cavalhada

In 1937, Mr. Jorge da Silva Calunga made a promise to Santo Amaro and, being a grace achieved, he would perform a feast every year. As he got the grace, rehearsed and performed Brumal's first knight. Clearly religious feast the Cavalhada de Brumal is held on the first Sunday of July preceded by diverse religious, civic, cultural and leisure programming. The event gathers thousands of devotees, pilgrims, tourists and visitors from various parts of the region in the matrix, an immense space located in the center of the colonial village of Brumal.

Agricultural Exhibition and Dairy Tournament

It is one of the most important events of the Middle Piracicaba, whose fame has already surpassed the limits of the region and the state. It is held in July and occupies the entire Adilson Melo Exhibition Park. Every year, the event brings established artists in the country, which makes it one of the parties that brings together the largest cast of artists and the public. In addition to the shows, the best animals, cattle and horses are elected, and the Leiteiro Tournament is held, rewarding the owners of the animals that produce the most milk on the days of the event.

Horseback Riding

A cavalgada de Santa Bárbara, realizada em setembro no Parque de Exposições Adilson Melo, é um evento que tem como objetivo maior promover o congraçamento dos amantes de esportes hípicos e dos criadores de cavalo de todas as raças da região. Durante o dia, acontece a eleição da Rainha da Cavalgada, da melhor Amazona, dos melhores cavaleiros e concursos de marchas. Já a noite, são realizados grandes shows.

Multisector Trade Fair

Este evento, promovido pela Associação Comercial e Industrial de Santa Bárbara (Acisb), acontece no interior do Ginásio Poliesportivo Emília Mendes da Fonseca, concomitantemente à Cavalgada. A feira reúne empresários dos diversos setores da economia e tem como objetivo, além da divulgação de produtos comercializados na cidade, estimularem o comércio local e propiciar ao público a aquisição de produtos promocionais. Durante os dias de sua realização, acontecem shows com artistas de reconhecida consagração pública, sorteios de brindes, como passagens aéreas, kits de produtos naturais, camisetas e bonés.